IT Services

Process Management

Program & Project Management

RCG manages all IT projects, regardless of time and budget. We find the best team or individual for each project to ensure the results are reported and the solutions are transferred.

Change Management

Our consultants are well-versed in process and technology to streamline implementations and business strategies. Offering support from start to finish, this assures a smooth transition for you and your employees. Managing transition well increases employee effectiveness and the return on your investment.

Business Analysis

RCG’s business analysts bring their prior experiences to help solve your business issues. We gather data on how your business works to identify inefficiencies, needs, and requirements. Our BA’s provide a breadth of experience around a multitude of projects that encompass all types of business risks and pain points. With BA’s that are functional, technical, and hybrid we are able to provide the right consultant, not just a consultant for your customized solution.



Internal IT is a serious risk to any company. It can be a detriment to the bottom line directly and indirectly. All companies must recognize themselves as a technology company and be prepared to manage that area of business appropriately. RCG is equipped to help you leverage its human resources and the correct applications and tools. RCG is here to give you the external perspective, providing the understanding of the potential options in optimizing your internal topology. Access and correctness of this data is crucial to planning, preparing, managing, and reacting to any occurrence.


RCG can manage all of your IT issues. Some of what we manage includes: server support, data retention and backups, system upgrades, cloud computing implementation and support, license management, preventative maintenance, helpdesk services, threat protection, risk management, vendor management, network support, and anti-virus and cybersecurity support.


RCG ensures you have the framework necessary to thrive, by building a solid foundation, with non-faulty systems of networks, servers, and hardware. Our experienced consultants offer insight to plan for your company’s present and future infrastructure needs.


RCG’s experienced consultants are ready to provide what you need to succeed. Our infrastructure experts are ready to develop a custom strategy for your projects. After examining your company’s existing infrastructure and assets, we help you identify additional resources and solutions to accomplish your goals and complete your project.


RCG ensures that the systems and applications you use to manage your business are properly integrated to keep your business running smoothly.

Cloud Services

Cloud Migration

We can help you understand the benefits of migrating to the cloud, what steps need to be pursued to do so, and help you decide if a cloud migration is right for you. If so, we will help you through every step of the process.

Cloud Solutions Services

RCG can help you develop a specific, specialized strategy for cloud adoption, by ensuring a safe migration and management of applications and workloads. The experienced cloud professionals at RCG have the technical expertise and strategic vision to assist you in leveraging the benefits of the cloud to support business growth and innovation.

Cloud Managed Services

RCG’s consultants work with cloud hosting security providers to give assistance to companies migrating or managing their applications and realizing Cloud benefits. We offer anything from administration support and control to assistance with applications.


Cyber Security - Program Strategy and Operations

RCG protects you from cyber threats. We evaluate your cybersecurity systems and software and adapt them to meet the demands of evolving cybersecurity, including regulations, policies, and data protection protocols.


RCG acts as your primary contact for external audits, keeping you in compliance. Our consultants prevent miscommunication, fielding questions and providing accurate and complete responses.


RCG uses penetration testing to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We work with you to make your applications and network more secure and prevent cyber-attacks.


A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) provides expertise in cybersecurity, data management, and operations, to find flaws in your current cybersecurity programs and protocols and work to improve them. A vCIO is both effective and affordable, providing you with the knowledge and expertise of a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management, without the expense of a CIO.

What is a VCIO?

vCIO stands for “Virtual Chief Information Officer”. With a vCIO, you have access to the knowledge and expertise of a CIO without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff. Beyond the cost savings of a full-time employee, access to a vCIO provides your business with a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management. A vCIO will provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time, can take your business to the next level.

Why are companies looking to a vCIO?

  • To Analyze your IT Environment

    For many businesses, an overall assessment of the work environment, from the hardware and software to the infrastructure and business processes, reveals a series of opportunities to improve the company’s system and stay aligned with best practice and security standards. At Resolute Consulting Group, we do this as part of your annual managed services plan. It’s our responsibility as your vCIO to perform an annual assessment with the rest of our team. Together we review the results and discuss them with you. This is an essential tool for annual planning and budgeting.

  • To use Technology Strategically

    Understanding which technologies will help your business accomplish its goals allows you to create an IT system that aligns with your company’s unique needs and vision. This requires a strategic look at all your technology and, oftentimes, a deep technical knowledge of how all the moving parts work (or don’t work) together.

  • To Increase Client and Employee Value

    As your vCIO, we can help you identify ways to leverage your technology to increase value. As an example, a well-implemented file sharing system can help your clients get secure access to information they need from you faster while, at the same time, make it easier and more efficient for employees to work with files. Both your clients and employees benefit through increased satisfaction and service delivery.

  • To See What’s Coming Around The Corner

    Knowing industry trends and what’s around the corner is an essential vCIO duty. Knowing what’s next and being able to analyze the impact these changes could have helps your company to invest in the right technology at the right time. This benefits you because you have a competitive edge over your competitors.

  • Business Continuity

    This is an initiative that entails advance planning and preparation, both of which are required to ensure that an organization will have the capability to operate its critical business functions during emergency events. Events can include power outages, natural disasters, a business crisis, pandemic, hackers, viruses, or any event that results in a disruption of your business operation. It is important to remember that you should plan and prepare not only for events that will stop functions completely but for those that also have the potential to adversely impact services or functions. 2 key proponents of this practice are Backups and Backup Recovery.

Penetration Testing

The RCG team identifies cybersecurity vulnerabilities. By doing so, we determine the flaws in your cyber defense, which enables us to make your applications and network more secure. We work with you to determine any pain points or fears, allowing you to have a great understanding of how your cybersecurity works.

Network Security Monitoring

RCG will take care of all your security monitoring to put you at ease. We detect attacks directed at your network before they become an issue. We analyze all of this in real-time so that we may react with speed and efficiency, before it is too late.