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RCG’s consultants are experienced and knowledgeable across multiple industries, media, healthcare, commodities, and financial services. Priding ourselves on our business acumen combined with technical abilities, our client satisfaction speaks for itself.

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  • World Class Consultants

    Working with RCG means working with some of the best consultants in the area.

  • Individualized Care

    As a specialized firm, providing experts to our clients and partners with a focus of delivering perfection, RCG is keen on aligning your goals with the completed product. RCG assures satisfaction by mandating consistent and efficient communication with our clients.

  • Broad Experience

    Diversity of thought around industry, geography, and education give our consultants perspectives that are not confined or limited. This gives our clients an edge over their competition in the projects we partner with them on. The exposure to different technologies puts us in a better position to select the right solution. “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.”

  • Long-Term Partners

    RCG does not want to be your vendor. We strive to earn your trust, loyalty, and respect. Our depth of knowledge and focus on progressions in technology position us to support and push your growth. Aligning our visions and goals make us a preferred partner.

Experienced Leader in...

Utilizing Big Data

We analyze data with our Business Intelligence tools to improve your business.

Service Desk Work

We are your all-inclusive service desk, giving you more time to manage your business, while we take care of all your service desk needs efficiently and effectively as professionals.

Training Employees

At RCG, we want to help you by being a shoulder to lean on, but we also enjoy making you more independent by giving your employees the skills necessary to use Business Intelligence tools independently.

Cloud Services

Whether you need help migrating to the cloud, managing your cloud services, or developing a strategy for management of applications and downloads, we have you covered.

Enhancing Customer Sales

By showing you how to utilize Salesforce software, we help you to create a more organized workflow and analyze the data you get back, enabling you to improve your sales strategy.


In today’s world, security is paramount and we exemplify the trusted partners you deserve to keep you safe because we have many experienced consultants who work diligently to keep you safe.