Customer Relationship Management

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Why Use Salesforce for CRM Needs?

  • Communicate to your customers on the channels that matter to them
  • Reduce the time spent performing data entry
  • Time insights into your sales and service pipeline
  • Reduce time performing mundane, automatable tasks
  • Increase efficiency for the integration of multiple teams
  • Improved your analytical data and reporting capabilities
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Salesforce Products

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Sales Cloud

Help your representatives save time when trying to make sales by using Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud assists you with deal management, lead management, territory management, inside sales cadences, cadences within playbooks, sales forecasting, contract management, pricing management, file syncing, and more.

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Service Cloud

Enhance your customer satisfaction by providing an all-inclusive method of communication with Service Cloud features. By doing so, your customer retention will likely go up, and there is accountability for every type of communication, ensuring nothing gets lost during communication.

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Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud allows you to market to your customers through multiple channels including social media, email, and text. Keep your prospects engaged with automated journeys, expand your account penetration with existing customers, improve your outreach and save money on marketing through Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud helps analyze and determine the best method of outreach, and then assists you to comprehend the data and sales that Marketing Cloud collects.

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Communities Cloud

Provide customized experiences that allow you to interact with your customers and partners. Communities allow you to provide case deflection, self-service customer partner, customer experiences, or even completely new customer facing applications built on the power and security of the Salesforce platform.

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Commerce Cloud

Use the industry leading cloud-based commerce solution for marketing, merchandising, content, promotions, customer service, fulfillment, and artificial intelligence, enabling better management of your digital shopping experiences offered.

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Software & Resource

Allows you to bring the data that you have and leverage it within the Salesforce platform. Create and develop fully integrated solutions across legacy, ERP, and line of business applications. Well integrated data is much easier to use and saves time while also enhancing data analysis capabilities that were previously hindered.