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Why Choose Us?

Knowledge, Experience, Partnership

Resolute Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to help your business
achieve its goals. We apply our industry experience and IT prowess along with strategic relationships, positioning RCG to be the consultant partner for the long term.

When partnering with a client, it is crucial to understand the dynamics affecting the day to day operations while understanding the future barriers preventing the level of achievement that the client is looking for. As your trusted advisor, RCG is strategically situated to provide the micro and macro perspectives of your business and industry.

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Our Services

E/CTRM Management

Our industry acumen and software exposure combined with extensive selection and implementation experience enables us to efficiently and effectively deliver E/CTRM solutions. If you are looking for experts in implementation, look no further.

Credit Management

RCG has world class consultants with broad experience across commodities and systems related to credit. These areas include, but are not limited to, policies and procedures, compliance, system selections, and custom applications.

Upstream/Downstream/Midstream Energy Operations

RCG provides consultants that derive from the business and have transitioned into consultants, providing a better experience in delivery of service. A goal of RCG is to provide efficient communication and a genuine understanding of our partners’ pain points. Our consultants having been in your role is what makes us a better partner.

Business Intelligence

Delivering user/device appropriate information and tools that inform business strategies and tactics.


We are not only versed in selecting and implementing energy software, but we can also design the network architecture to support it.

IT Managed Services

For many businesses, an overall assessment of the work environment, from the hardware and software to the infrastructure and business processes, reveals a series of opportunities to improve the company’s system and stay aligned with best practice and security standards. At Resolute Consulting Group, we do this as part of your annual managed services plan. It’s our responsibility as your vCIO to perform an annual assessment with the rest of our team. Together we review the results and discuss them with you. This is an essential tool for annual planning and budgeting.